Homestyle, oh yeah.

Should be a fun week ahead of the Archives! Of course many of us prefer to train with weight, but not everyone can, so we are going to throw a little adversity into the mix. This week is not only for anyone that doesn't have gym access, but also for us as trainers to keep things interesting while operating in certain perimeters.

As you begin to think of your own workouts, always keep this in mind. For shits and giggles try new things. Experiment with new movements and push the limit on your training just a little bit.

Let's get into thissssss!


  • 5 Rounds:
    • 12 Box Jumps (12 Jump Squats if Boxes Aren't Your Thing)
    • 12 Bulgarian Split Squats Each Side
    • 12 Step-Up Jumps Each Side
    • 12 Elevated Single Leg Glute Bridges Each Side
    • 6 Pistol Squats Each Leg (12 Air Squats if Pistols Aren't Your Thing)
      • You Can Also Alternate Legs on the Pistols

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