Welcome back to another edition of the Archives with the Built Not Born Team! Today we have ourselves a good old fashioned (not the drink) push day! During the warm-up I want you to really focus on squeezing the muscle! Think about this allllll workout! 

While doing the flys, set the weight at a light enough weight that you can really focus on mind/muscle connection and squeeze your pec tight all the way through the movement. 

Now let’s hit this workout! We will be training hypertrophy today. Pick a weight that is going to be challenging, but not burn you out(that’s the for end). The goal today is to complete every rep without ever going to failure. Remember to squeeze

For your conditioning today let’s get outdoors(if possible)! For the sprints you will go all out for 30 seconds and walk for 60 seconds(if you’re an animal, slow jog for 60). The objective here is to build some endurance.

After you’re done with your sprints you are finished with the workout, so if you are still thinking about that Old Fashioned mentioned previously then go have one. You deserve it!

“It’s simple. Work hard & trust the process!”


  • 3 Rounds
    • 10 Bird Dog Push-Ups
    • 500 Meter Row
    • 10 Dive Bomber Push-Ups


  • 4x12 Incline Dumbbell Bench Press
  • 4x12 Banded Push-Ups
  • 4x15 Banded Two-Handed Fly Press - Keep the Core Tight!
  • 3x10 Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press from the Floor
  • 3x15 Single Arm Lateral Dumbbell Raises 
  • Superset
    • 3x12 Dumbbell Skull Crushers
    • 3x12 Tricep Kickbacks


  • 1 Set of Push-Ups to Failure


  • 10 Sets of Sprints 
    • 30 Seconds on 60 Seconds off

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