Welcome back to the Archives! Today we will be featuring a list of leg exercises that will really get those quads crying for mama.

During the warm-up we want to just go light enough to get the blood flowing through those muscles, and also hard enough to get your HR up to between 120-130 range (if monitoring it is your thing). 

As we begin the workout with a 5x5, you want to pick a weight that is HEAVIER than what you would normally rep on a hypertrophy day (8-15 reps)

As we go throughout the rest of the workout, you want to be sure to take a narrow stance approach (knees no wider than shoulder width). This will help you really focus on burning your quads. 

Once you get on the HIIT Bike it will be time to really DIG deep and push through. As your legs will most definitely feel like they are exploding! However, on the stairs you can just go at a pace that you feel comfortable with while searching for a little discomfort.

The goal of any workout is to push yourself to be better each day.

Warm Up:

  • 5 Minute Walk Incline Treadmill or Brisk Walk Outdoors
  • Leg Extension 1 x 20 
  • Leg Curl 1 x 20


  • Squats 5 x 5
  • Leg Press 3 x 20 (low and narrow stance)
  • Hack Squats 3 x 12 (narrow stance)
  • Walking KB Lunges 3 x 15 (short stride)
  • Weighted Step-Ups  3 x 15


  • HIIT Bike 1 mile for time + 10 minutes on the stairs

Did you get better today? If you completed this workout fully I’d say so! 

We would love to hear what you thought of the workout. You can DM us on Instagram @builtnotbornfitness of Facebook message us for any questions or advice!

As always, be strong, be fearless, and most of all stay humble.

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